Deep Earth Academy’s mission is to raise awareness about ocean drilling science and its central role in our understanding of the Earth’s past, present and future, teach science content and process, and inspire careers in science, technology, engineering and math. Our approach includes use of authentic data, inquiry-centered activities and interdisciplinary explorations drawing from the adventures of the JOIDES Resolution ship and the earlier ocean drilling ship; the Glomar Challenger.

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Teach-It: curriculum and classroom activities for kindergarten through college level!
Borrow Teaching Kits and Core models.
Learn who is on board Expedition 345 with the Hess Deep Rift Playing Cards.
Check out the new volume of the graphic novel “Choose Your Own Tales of the Resolution – Jobs on the JR,” where students choose to follow an engineer, scientist, or welder aboard the JOIDES Resolution. This is a great tool for showing science in action and the integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math that happens on the ship.
Want a short, introductory presentation on the JR? Click here.
Visit the JOIDES Resolution website to follow the current expedition; read blogs, post comments, watch videos, play games, and more.
Looking for ocean drilling data? Check out How to Access Scientific Drilling Data and Publications – the easy way (PDF)
What on Earth is a core? Learn more about these unique windows to Earth’s past – which provide clues to Earth’s future.
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